Squared Partners is a New York City based advisory and consulting firm with a core focus on strategic & business development, financial structuring and high-profile talent acquisition.


We provide a tailored acceleration team to early stage companies to help secure both short and long term goals. Our diverse, experienced team provides multiple perspectives to construct solid, long lasting solutions.

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Squared Partners is proud to announce its partnership with an Aerial Drone Surveying Company to provide various infrastructure inspections, surveying and 3-D modeling services.

We are authorized to fly within Manhattan, major metropolitan cities and within airports

Some of Our Aerial Drone Services Include:

  • Infrastructure Inspection, including satisfying Facade Local Law 11

  • Aerial Scanning & 3-D Point Cloud Modeling

  • Infrared Scan & Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)

  • Roof, Facade, Bridge, Water Tower, Electrical Grid and High Mast Towers Inspections

  • High-resolution Photography & Videography

  • Gas Leakage Inspections (leveraging OGI technology)