Zachary Zimmerman is the Co-founder and managerial partner to Squared Capital. Zachary founded a company that developed an energy management software platform for multi-unit restaurant, nightclub and hotel operators which allowed them to manage and optimize energy uses and lower costs. After developing the software, he continued to focus on sales and grew the business to include many major franchise concepts and national chains, eventually leading to the sale of the business at an aggressive multiple. Zachary’s years of developing his business, allowed him to work side by side with some of the most relevant restaurant and hospitality groups in the industry today. Zachary held various internships and jobs in the commercial real estate industry during college. This experience, coupled with his previous endeavors and experience in the restaurant and hospitality service industry have helped him gain an in depth knowledge of these operations and continue to translate well into his commercial real estate career.

Zachary graduated from University of Wisconsin, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science & Economics.

Frank S. Finelli is the Co-founder and managerial partner to Squared Capital. Frank is credited with many entrepreneurial achievements throughout his career. He has consulted and worked with many startups to help achieve their goals. His notable current project is working with an international food and beverage company, with strong growth in Europe and the Middle East, to debut and launch their product in the United States. Frank has worked on many marketing and branding projects, including launching a marketing campaign for Doughnuttery, a local mini doughnut shop. His passion for technology led him to work with Impermia Coating, a revolutionary, super-hydrophobic coating. Frank is credited for technology upgrades; data base creation, and implanting new process and procedures. Frank is known for his international reach, passion for fitness, food and technology. 


Frank studied at the University of Hartford, in West Hartford, CT, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Entrepreneurial Studies, and a minor in Architectural Engineering. After graduating with high honors, Frank furthered his studies at Harvard University, in Cambridge, MA, taking a graduate course on Sustainable Product Design and the Innovation Ecosystem. During his academic studies, he was the first student to have his business plans place first for two consecutive years, as well as placing in the Connecticut Business Plan Development Competition. He has an extensive research background, which includes researching and developing of business plans and RESNA Student Design Team. His diverse research lead him to be invited to join an advanced graduate research team to develop a fully articulating prosthetic hand. His entrepreneurial spirit has earned him many distinguished awards from the University and the State of Connecticut.